Our Showroom

Our Showroom

Our Showroom

Ari Hartini

A company in Bali called Unique Bali Living. The business base on handicrafts ( handmade ) further highlight the uniqueness and characteristics of Indonesia. Unique Bali Living product 100% made ​​in Indonesia, from design to materials. The material used are environmentally friendly materials.

Unique Bali Living offers a unique handicraft products :

3 Dimensional Art Sculpture and Lamps Decorations. Some Furniture and Home Décor items, Home ware and others. We re-works the recycle materials for craft home decor,  as a lovely lamp for Bed room or living room, table lamp or floor lamp, can be hung on the wall or on the ceiling with a wide range of size and models. Not just recycled into lamps but can also recycled into other some nice furniture, like frame or mirror, in the form set of furniture  chair and table.

Other items of Unique Bali Living is Art in the form of “ 3-Dimensional Sculpture “ mixing with the Antique Wooden Frame and Gypsum Stone and Recycled Aluminum. The Uniqueness of Unique Bali Living will be a main attraction.

We also accept customs order.

3 Dimensional sculptures are an Unique and Exclusive Product,

Which is Experience with Light and Magic, Unique because they are 3 D and come alive as you move across of them – they will following you. Made by Hand,  handpainted with fine quality material and craftsmanship.

3 Dimensional Sculpture are presented in Candle and other Electricity as what ever Country you live.

They can be enjoyed day or night and will be your guardian and friend for life !